Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why can't I remember

Last night since I was ravenously hungry we went to my favorite restaurant, In The Raw. We split an ITR salad and then had the Taz sushi combo and a Dunwell roll (my favorite) on top. YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!! I was so very satisfied.

This morning I hit the ground running. I was up as usual for Jazzercise and then rushed home to shower, eat and fly to the office to catch up from being going for a couple of days. B had done a lot of cleaning off the desk and filing tons of piles of stuff I had just given up on. It was nice to see a clean desk. I had a lot stuff to do today and one of them was to take the truck from the shop, buy tons of top soil and drive to the cabin. I had purchased 8 different clematis plants to plant at the cabin almost 2 weeks ago and they NEEDED to put in the ground. I knew I would never get 400 pounds of top soil to the cabin in my little car so today I loaded up and off I went in the middle of the day. I was successful to get the flowerbed planted but neglected to take a camera. I can't seem to remember to put the damn thing in my purse to capture those special moments. I'll try to remember to take a picture this weekend as I will get to go up there and relax.

I also ordered a new hammock for the house in town and was enjoying a relaxing moment in it tonight until the wind nearly blew me out of it. I took it down but, again, forgot to snap a pic of the pretty thing. My mind just doesn't think of those things which is why there are less pics of the kids than there should be. I'm bad at that kind of thing.

Right now it is 7:15 and I'm still waiting for The Hubby to come home from his mother's so we can cook dinner. I will have to explain all about what is going on there in another blog. Things have certainly changed there. Later all...

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