Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

This week has just flown by after all the rushing around from last week. I haven't accomplished much as I have been sick most of the week but as of today I'm finally, Finally, feeling better. I took off for the cabin early Friday to get a head start on the beautiful weekend. When I arrived it was very quiet and I laid down for a nice nap. I wanted the weekend to be a time for me to heal and energize my body again. We had a quiet night Friday and had a quiet dinner of grilled rib eyes for dinner then bed about 9 pm. I awoke at 8am and knew by looking out the window at the blue sky with white puffy clouds and bright sunshine that it was going to be an awesome day. A quick cup of coffee to encourage the body mechanics and a Slim-Fast down the hatch I prepared for a long walk. I had been on the exercise wagon for most of the week as I was just not well. I took off about 9 am walking fast with my IPOD on towards the wigwam. I couldn't go very far as the creek was up over the roads so I had to change my normal pattern of walking. I ended up walking up two HUGE hills and when on the flay asphalt part of the walk I jogged a little. I spent about 90 ". I made my famous bacon wrapped dates and we hopped into my little red car to the wigwam. The food was all heavy appetizers and the wine flowed abundantly. Two bottles down The Hubby and myself. Whew. The DJ was family member of the birthday girl and the music was not country but mostly disco!!! My favorite. I danced and danced and danced in my borrowed too small boots. The Hubby and I danced some of the swing we had been practicing and I really got into the disco dancing. My hair was dripping with sweat by the time the evening ended. It was over about 10 and we made our way back to the cabin and bed. I woke about 2:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep, tossing and turning for a good hour. Finally I dozed off about 3:30 and slept till 8 am. I rested this weekend and partied this weekend. It was a perfect time.

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