Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday in Town

We stayed in town this weekend for various reasons. Yesterday was a most beautiful day and I spent it doing lots of stuff. First, B came over to bring the granddog for us to watch while they were gone overnight.While he ran around in the backyard I pulled the little red Miata out to give it a good scrub. It was filthy with dirt and bird poop. I also discovered three slight dents on the passenger side door like another car door had dinged it and then there was what looked like white overspray on the front of the car, little white paint specks. I can't seem to win with this poor little car. I finally got the crap washed off and then readied myself for the rest of the day.

The next event of the day was a birthday party for the great nephew's 4th birthday. It was complete with a Jupiter Jump, pinata, Tommy the Train birthday cake and lots of screaming little kids. The Hubby was late for the event but made it for the cake cutting. We then rushed home to let the overnight guest out and feed him dinner. I was concerned because he kept crying and didn't eat his treat that I left him. When I put him in the garage to leave he DID NOT want to go in there. I had to pick him up and drag him in there so I was really worried about his crying.

We then took off for the 2nd event of the day, a couples bridal shower Mexican fiesta at the church which we were co-hosts. The Hubby was so very confused by it being a couples shower and really didn't want to go. He just kept shaking his head and didn't understand the rules of the event. I told him to just go and trust me. In the end he had a great time. We co-hosts got off pretty clean too as the caterer that we hired messed up the order and didn't bring the chaffing dishes or enough chips and so comped the whole meal, so no charge! Nice.

The day done we came home to again let the wuppy-dog out. This time he was limping really bad and kept holding his paw up. Oh my goodness, I've damaged the dog. I was worried that B would never let me keep him again (not a bad thing) and might equate this to when they finally, if ever, have children. Would she trust me to take care of their little ones. I was so concerned and then I remembered that when I was throwing the frisbie with him in the backyard earlier that he turned sharply and he kind of fell and twisted his foot, a sprained doggy ankle, that's it. I didn't sleep well as I worried about him most of the night, which is one reason why we have not replaced the dog or cats. I am a worrier to the max. Well, this morning when I awoke and took him out to do his job not a limp was seen. He is protecting it a bit as I know it is hurt but it didn't stop him for going lightening speed after a squirrel this morning. Whew!

I'm a little anxious as tomorrow I begin the "cleansing" in preparation for the first colonoscopy. I will eat a big ole' T-bone steak tonight, YUM. Oh, and I forgot...yesterday in the mail I received a notice, Jury Duty. The last time I was called was 22 years ago and A was a few days old so I got out of it but this time I will do my duty. I'm nervous though because I have only been in the court house twice in my life, once for the marriage license 32 years ago and for a passport about 6 years ago so it is out of my comfort zone. I will have to do a trial run to find the place. The notice said it would only be for one day or one trial depending. I have to call before and if I'm not needed then I don't have to go. Super. I kind of hope I get a little one so I can have the experience but I don't want a long drawn out thing as I do have to do payroll during the thing I think and I'm the ONLY one that does that. We'll figure it out.

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