Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Wheels

Well, after the window was broken we knew that it would be Wednesday before my car could possibly be fixed and with rain in the forecast off and on I get to drive a special car. The Hubby's prized 1971 El Camino that was his step-dad's. Oh joy, what fun...I am kidding you know. Actually it drives pretty nice except it is deteriating inside pretty bad, makes me sneeze every time I get into it. Oh well, at least I have wheels.

I walked my little tooshie off last night. The walking program set a walk for 3.63 miles between St. Francis Hospital and Lauraette which is full of hills. Oh my goodness my feet and legs are killing me. It doesn't help that I was pretty abused at my personal trainer on my quads in particular and Jazzercise in the morning and bowling 3 games in a hour the hour before the walk (we were making up last weeks). I was so sore I could hardly walk in the house last night. It's not as bad today. Today we worked the upper body so I expect that tomorrow I won't be able to lift a cup of coffee to my lips. It's all good. You know when you wash your jeans and they get tight and they loosen up after you wear them a few days, well, my size 16 jeans were in the dryer yesterday and I took them out, slid them over my very sore legs and buttoned and zipped and lo and behold they are still loose. YEEEEEAAAAAA! I'm on my way to a size 14. I'm so very excited.

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Kelly said...

So I know you wrote this a while ago, but seeing an El Camino and knowing that you were driving it around just makes me laugh....