Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all....Oh My Goodness it has taken me awhile to get my other computer to FINALLY let me in so I can blog. I'm so very frustrated with this new version. I hope the kinks get worked out.

Hope all had a great New Year's bash. The Hubby and I spent the New Year at our lake retreat with several other people. We had a cabin progressive dinner. What great fun we had golf-carting to each others cabins and eating, and eating, and eating. I'm so glad I have not made dieting my New Year's resolution. Way too much stress.

I mentioned earlier in a previous entry that I was not going to make resolutions but I LIED! Ha! The only one I am going to make is to journal in my pen and ink journal everyday. I probably will do the online one not quite as often. I have to get my mind into the writing mode if I'm going to succeed in writing. There it is in print!!!

The new year is starting out with a bang. The youngest daughter Af is driving back to California with her roommate/best friend on Friday and I'm a little antsy but kind of ready to have my house back. She's been here for 3 weeks and I was really getting used to being empty nesters. I love her so very dearly but I want her to get on with her life. She is a certified Audio Engineer now but no job on the horizon, just "helping with CD's" which pays NOTHING! She's networking but she may have to do a little starving. I'm just not comfortable kicking her to the curb with no money or support, a beautiful, young girl living in California in the industry that she wants to be in. We'll get through.

The oldest daughter, Br informed us a few months ago that she is moving in with her boyfriend, and then a few days later they were talking marriage, very soon. Now she has put a contract on a HOUSE!!! not very far from us. The contract was accepted and it is an adorable house. I'm so very excited for her. She is a great girl with a great job and future. She is also getting her masters and is planting roots. See I can cut those apron strings successfully, it's just very hard to do.

I'm looking forward to 2007. I hope it brings all kinds of good stuff to my family, friends and myself. Everyone knows who has read my blogs that 2006 has been the year from Hell and I'm ready for some good stuff.

Blackeye peas anyone!!!!!Here's to good luck!

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