Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Too Many Checkbooks!

We have way too many checkbooks. We have one for the company, Money Market checking (blue cover), personal checking (computer checks), my Mary Kay checking (pink cover), and my personal inheritance trust checking (brown cover), way too many to keep track of. Well, The Hubby needed to take a check out of the MM Checking to pay for the rest of his African mounts. The checkbooks were at the office, I wasn't, and I told him the BLUE one NOT the Brown on. Well, today I'm trying to balance my mulititude of accounts and noticed a check missing, OUT OF MY personal inheritance trust checking. Now, the first problem is that he is not a signer on the account. The second, is that my account draws interest so it will miss out on a little interest. Goodness, I'll have to reimburse myself. Too funny really.

On the other part of the previous paragraph are the African mounts. A year and a half ago The Hubby went on African Safari for 2-1/2 weeks. He killed a kudu, impala, blesbok, springbok, black wildebeast, and a blue wildebeast. The three very large ones are now hanging in the cabin, those are the kudu, black and blue wildebeast. The others, impala, blesbok and springbok are not proudly staring down at me in our living room in town. Actually, they are very pretty and I really don't mind. I grew up with that at my great grandparents so I'm not offended by it. I told him that he had a VERY understanding wife to allow those to hang in our main living quarters, he agreed.

Now it is my turn to hopefully book my spa trip. I'm looking, just trying to get brave to travel there. I want desparately to go to Austin Lakehouse Spa. I've been dreaming of that place for ever. It would be fun to go with some friends (hint).

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Kelly said...

Hey! Have you changed your blog! I usually read you on a reader, and today I go over to you blog to comment...and there's new stuff...everywhere! Love the picture "The Red Door."

Now...what was I going to say. Don't remember...

Oh yeah. Concerning the wall mounts, YES...YOU are a VERY understanding wife.!lol