Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm going crazy!

This is making me nuts. I changed to BETA and then could get on, then couldn't, then could, then couldn't and NOW here I am. I can only access on The Hubby's computer after he has gone to bed. I just wanted to write....ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Anyway, Christmas is now over and getting ready for the new year. I'm not making new resolutions because I'm already doing the usual ones; eat better, lose weight, know the usual. It's all pretty ridiculus all the fretting and worrying about what needs to written in the journals/diaries.

I finally got my meds for the thyroid a few days ago after the phone call to the pharmacy and two to the doc's office. Seems a nurse has again fallen down on the job. The fax number to the pharmacy was not the right one so the script was lost in fax space somewhere. My gosh what is wrong with people. I hope I start to feel better. Maybe this is what I have needed all along.

On another note...I have always wanted to write, like a novel or short story but my mind lately has been in such a bog I just couldn't collect my thoughts and then all of a sudden I was writing ideas. Incredible, I've written 6 pages of ideas, of stories....YIPEEEEEEE

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