Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday is a workday.

Yes Monday is a workday and here I sit at the office again. Despite the ice on the roads, houses, trees and sidewalks nothing and I mean NOTHING deters The Hubby from going into the office. I thought I might get to stay home all day but NO! He called and said he would come pick me up. He would drive into the garage and then into the shop so I would not have to even set foot on the ice. I, of course, said OK. I HATE the snow, ice and winter in general so this is going above and beyond for me. I really couldn't see the point in traveling into the office since the banks and post office was closed, but The Hubby had come in on Saturday and there was a stack of invoicing on my desk I needed to type. So here I sit at my lonely desk getting to WORK! Oh well, nothing better to do I guess than nap, read a book, finish packing up the Christmas, my laundry. Toodles...type, type, type, type.....

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