Friday, December 15, 2006

What an exciting day I've had!

What an exciting day I've had. I ran a jillion errands this morning and finally arrived at the office around 10:30 to find The Hubby in the back storage closet. This storage closet also holds our security cameras that surround the building and inside. He was trying to find who possibly had gone dumpster diving in the dumpster because the stuff he put in the night before was out on the ground. What he found was a guy walking back to the back of the parking lot and then walking out of the gates with a huge roll of aluminum wire on his shoulder. We checked the front cameras and saw him get into a truck and take off. Boy, was The Hubby ticked off. So I was told to watch the cameras and then he locked the gates (the lot is also where the employees park their cars). I watched off and on all day long on my computer and then about 2:30 pm (The Hubby was gone) I heard a noise at the side of the building. I pulled up the cameras and saw a guy walking away from the dumpster WITH THE GATES STILL LOCKED. I yelled at "Ben" who is our estimator and he got up and ran and then I yelled "it's the same guy as this morning." I ran after "Ben" out the back door and he yelled at the guy who just tossed another roll of wire over the back fence. He hollered at the guy that he was on camera and then the guy jumped over a low area on the fence and ran around the front of the shop. I ran up front and out the front door to encounter a truck with two greasy guys sitting in it. Funny, the first truck was white or primer and the second truck was navy blue with a camper shell. I stood there with my hands on my hips and my nostrils flaring at the guys. The passenger was creepy with long black greasy hair. He yelled at the driver just as the guy from the lot ran around the corner and tried to jump in the camper shell back part. The truck started to take off and the idiot wire stealer stumbled off the back and yelled at the truck. They stopped and he threw himself in the truck and they peeled off. "Ben" yelled he had their license plate and as they drove by me I ran to the street and caught the license too. Just yesterday I took my camera out of my purse. If I had it still I could have taken a really good picture of the idiot passenger and then ran inside. What nerve these idiots. We had TWO company cars sitting out front and they had the stupid idea of robbing us in broad daylight. Of course we called the police and hopefully they will get caught. We surmise that they had to do it during the day so they could sell the wire and get money for their drug habit or beer for the weekend. Stupid guys, the price for aluminum is not that good compared to copper, which is INSIDE....STUPID BRAINLESS IDIOTS.

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