Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Reading Fool

Recently I've been a reading fool, polishing off eight books since the beginning of the year.  The best so far that I recommend are:  
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
The Mountain Between Us - Charles Martin
and the last one of 2015, 
The Pecan Man - Cassie Dandridge Selleck

See that stack, I plan on "trying" to plow through it this year.  I read mostly on my Kindle but I still LOVE to hold an actual book and I am ADDICTED to buying books, whether virtual or real.  So far I have started the top one, The Murder House.  

And since little Snicklefritz has been ill and I have been watching her a lot, well, reading is being done A LOT!  At least she is feeling better, me too.  She and I have both been sick, her with RSV virus.  Poor baby.  Actually, it started as a cold but I think that was the beginning of the RSV, then morphed into an ear infection and with the antibiotic on board, now a rash.  We suspect a reaction to the antibiotic.  She has never been sick and never been on anything like it so...

By yesterday afternoon she seemed to be feeling so much better, playing and laughing with the nasty cough she has.  It kind of sucks that I'm sick too but I'm getting better too.  I had to miss art yesterday and probably will tomorrow too, sucks!  So today, like Monday, I watch Snicklefritz but hopefully it's at the office where I can at least get some private time painting in.  I miss my friends but I do have this sweet buddy to make my day and tell me, "I miss you today Granny."  

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Linda Kay said...

My daughter is like you and a reading fanatic! I don't know how she can remember anything from what she reads. A lovely granddaughter and lucky to have you.