Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Fun

What a glorious weekend it was.  The weather was just fantastic and we all reveled in it at the cabin.  The blue skies, the warm weather, oh what a wonderful time.  I took a ride on the golf cart to check out the damage was from the recent flooding.  It is truly a mess but spring will hopefully bring renewal again.  
We've always had a plethora of turkey buzzards but wow... 
they were just everywhere... 
The water was very serene. 

My new camera was quite fun to capture this handsome one (haha).   

On our ride home I told The Hubby to slow down at one of the farms to capture this bull.  He was in the same place a few weeks ago and I wanted to capture his photo to possibly paint. 

We did have some news though of our sweet Snicklefritz.  She has been sick and she in turn has passed it to me but hers just got worse and worse.  She had a cold that developed into an ear infection and then on Saturday a rash popped up.  That was concerning and her momma was told to take her to the emergency if a fever came.  Well, Saturday afternoon she had a fever of 101 so off the the emergency she went.  They ran a bunch of tests and ruled out strep and flu but this morning they got the rest of the results, RSV.  Egads.  Most children get it by the age of 2 and it can cause problems for young babies and elderly if their immune systems are compromised.  Fortunately for her she is three and healthy otherwise.  She still has a nasty cough and the rash doesn't seem to want to go away.  She was on antibiotics for the first time and it might be a reaction but she is actually through with them so the doctor said it could be a secondary virus.  Good grief.  That kiddo has only had 3 days of her little school and been sick, sick, sick.  At least she is in good spirits and let the doctors do all kinds of things to her without complaint.  I will be looking after her a lot this week as she needs to not go to school for a bit till well.  

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Linda Kay said...

Thanks for taking us along on your drive on a beautiful day. We did the same on Saturday.