Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring...Well, Maybe

 This weekend we scooted off to the cabin for an absolutely glorious time of most EXCELLENT weather.  When we got there I immediately saw that the Carolina Jasmine was popping and just behind it were my daffodils. 

How exciting.  In fact the weather was so great that we even slept with our bedroom window open all night long.  

This past week Snicklefritz was finally feeling better and I decided that she needed to spend the night on Tuesday since I was going to watch her all day Wednesday.  Also, her parents were meeting with there money guy and wanted to finally get a Valentine's date.  We had a great time and she was in bed by 7:30!

Sadly, feeling better didn't last.  She started complaining again about her ears and finally back at school on Thursday her parents were called as she was projectile vomiting.  So a day at home on Friday and then Sunday morning another run to urgent care.  Double ear infections are now plaguing our little dumpling.   By afternoon her temperature soared to 104.5 with 105 being the cut off to again rush to the hospital ER.  She just can't seem to get well.  I think maybe spring has sprung and she may be experiencing some allergy drainage that is affected her ears.  
Hopefully this week she will finally get well.  

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Sweet Tea said...

Some of those nasty germs are really difficult to get rid of, especially in the ears because they thrive in there. Hope she's feeling better now.