Saturday, February 06, 2016

This and That Saturday

It's Saturday morning and the sun is just glowing through my window, sort of.  Wow, fantastic.  I still see that the sky is kind of gray but the sun is still beaming, a bit.  It's been a hectic week with me watching Snicklefritz at least a bit everyday and us both sick.  She's like a 100% better, me on the other hand, am still hacking up crap and blowing my nose like there is no tomorrow.  Plus we hosted some customers at our house on Thursday evening to look at our lighting and automated lighting system.  So, the house had to be spit-spot clean.  That meant floors, cabinets, bed made, and for The Hubby, the most important, his garage floor, because the panel thingy was out there.  He spent two days cleaning that space and they were here 30 minutes.  We also went out to dinner with Bev & Kel and then to see Kinky Boots on Tuesday.  That was an AWESOME show.  Painting, well, I did get a bit in on Thursday morning but missed my Tuesday all day gig with class.  Hack, cough, blow.....  excuse me.  I'm staying away from visiting Daddy right now because I don't want one tiny sniffle to enter his door.  I do not want to possibly make him sick.  I've worked at the office too, in between watching kiddo, painting, hacking and blowing.  I think I've got my taxes together and this week was payroll.  We have a few guys out sick too, one with a huGe kidney stone, which he has to have broken up; one with the blow chunks kind, another with a wife sick thing, and now Snicklefritz's daddy started getting her stuff by Friday.  Then there is me who is still there no matter what.  All this sitting around watching Snicklefritz has also been spent reading.  I have read 10 books since January 1, well on my way to the 50 goal.

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