Friday, July 03, 2015

I'm a Ramblin'

This pocket used to adorn my hip-hugger jeans of bygone days.
Hello again.  It just takes me longer and longer to finally post anything here lately.  Life has been a whirlwind for months now and I get bits and pieces of down time.  

Of course work, work, work.  In fact, work has been oddly very slow and we attribute that to the fact that we have an abundance of clients that are in the oil business around here.  So since the price of oil is so wonky they are holding off spending any kind of money.  We are usually so busy in the summer that we hardly have time to turn around but that is just not happening and is incredibly weird.  I so hope things turn around soon, we have a building loan to pay off...hahahaha! :( 

Before good stuff, some bad stuff.  Yesterday as I was walking into my house from art I received a call from my niece.  Not good!  She asked me for a favor because she could not reach (bad cell service) her mother because they were at the lake at her uncles, fishing.  She had been picked up on warrants and wanted me to bail her out.  I asked if she had her uncles phone number and she said no.  I totally lied, but I responded that we were almost to our cabin and that I couldn't help.  My gut wrenched for lying but you know she has burned me and I just don't know if she is on the up and up yet.  She said her mother was going to flip out.  I asked her what she was doing to get arrested and she said walking.  Hmmmmm.   I just could not let my stomach rest so I sent a text to my Bro and he responded, "BS!  Call Sis." He was probably right.  So I called her and she answered on the second ring.  I asked where she was and she said, "home." EGAD!  Duped.  I told Sis about the conversation and her response was to let her stay in jail over the weekend, if she was telling the truth.  And that was a possibility, the truth.  What if I said sure and then how do I go about bailing you out.  She might have come back with meet my friend somewhere with the money.  Yup, could happen, then she would have the money and I would be labeled soft touch.  Even still I could bail her out and she would skip and I would be out.  Probably not much money but NOT MY PLACE OR CHILD!  It's just too bad that if she is on the up and up, still sober and still working to make her life right then THIS is the time to help her.  Sis would be doing the TOUGH LOVE thing too late in the game.  Who knows.  NOT MY PLACE OR CHILD!  Still breaks my heart.

I've been staying busy a lot with watching little snicklefritz which I LOVE!  She will be 3 Oct 1 and so personable and interactive now.  Last Tuesday I just told her momma to bring her by the house on her way to the office.  I decided to watch her while I cleaned out my closet and painted a bit.  It was such a fun day and I totally wore that kiddo out.  Of course she had Clayton at her side most of the time.  
I think I have figured out why she calls him Back.  We just could not understand and then Wednesday afternoon I was unloading my car with a giants supply of groceries with the garage door open and the kitchen door open.  Clayton is good to stay in the doorway and watch but occasionally he steps down and into the garage and I'm afraid he will run.  Well, he stepped and I caught myself saying, "back, back, back" to which he steps back into the doorway...BACK!  Eureka!

The weekend rolled around and B&B2 needed to go shopping for a car without Rio.  I said I would keep her overnight, which I love to do.  She loves to come to Anny's house too.  
Blueberries on baked chips!

Our patio is awesome for her to play on her "bikikle."
Her word for helicopter is "heliclopper." ADORABLE 
Again she has an almost constant shadow! 
Clayton and My Little Ponies.

In between the work and kid watching I throw in a bit of painting.  I've had several commission pieces and fun ones too.  

I love this one!
"Bentley and Banks"

Then this is for the Cattle Baron's Ball Auction:

Finally, a play piece that just came together in a couple of hours.

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