Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Sunday when we got back from the cabin I hit the ground running.  I was hosting an art workshop at my house for eight ladies and an instructor, Kelli Folsom.  She was in town to give a demo at my art group that night and thought she would do a one day workshop but there was not a place to do it so I offered up our house.  I also told her I would feed everyone which I was very excited to do.  It's actually a mini-bucket list thing for me to have a kind of luncheon for ladies and this kind of fit the bill.  I roasted chicken breast on Sunday afternoon and made a delicious chicken salad.  It was served with croissants, fruit salad, and chips.

The workshop was to start at 10 am and the ladies started arriving at 9:30 ready to drag all their paint supplies in.  I also was watching Rio and she was actually awesome and a little bit of help.  My house quickly filled up with art supplies and people.  It was thrilling.  Everyone brought easels, still life set ups, lights, art supplies, it was full.
Finally after the dust settled it was time to watch Kelli do a quick demo and then we would be off for food.  I got Rio settled in her room with Curious George and a snack and we got to watch and listen to Kelli.

After the demo, Rio's mom picking her up it was time to set up our still life's and then lunch.  
This was one of my fav's Marlene did...

Once everyone was settled and painting I realized I didn't have my still life set up nor did I have an easel.  I let one of the ladies use my french easel because she didn't realize she was to bring one.  So, I opted to just go into my studio and paint their.  When Kelli made her rounds it was easy to come to my room and help me too.  It was a bit quieter too. 
This is what I am painting.  Tuesday morning since I didn't have to be at the office till after one I finished it.   
I will share once it is complete.

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Linda Kay said...

I can't wait for the final product! Such fun.