Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I just have to slow down today!  I have been in hyper-drive for the past few months, even after surgery and all and I'm flat tired.  Now that the healing is done I'm ready to heal my mind and rest a bit.  It would help if I could PLEASE sleep past 4:30 but that just doesn't seem to be happening lately.  So up I am yet again.  

The Hubby has told me since Monday that he may be bringing a customer to our house to look at the lighting so the minute I get up every morning I make the bed, pick up the house, do the dishes, etc.  Let me tell you I am NOT a bed maker, never have been so that alone is out of my comfort zone.  Monday, after a week of art workshops, living in our house and have Rio around a bunch my house was a disaster.  I was up at 4:30 and cleaning, then I had to go to the office.  Work, work, work then watch Rio.  Run to the bank, the post office with Rio in tow and then the grocery store where I had to awaken the little princess after a 10 minute nap.  Back home to cook dinner, clean up and see the kiddo off in their BRAND NEW CAR!  Pooped, yes I was POOPED!  And to top off all of this the client DID NOT come to the house.  So Tuesday morning up again, clean, straighten, make the bed and out of the house to work before 8 just in case they were to come Tuesday.  I know, I know this is probably usual for most of the women but I don't do it often.  Well, Tuesday they still did not come.  

I told The Hubby that today I'm STAYING put, at home, to paint and recoup.  I still had to pick up, make sure the sink was cleaned out and maybe make the bed.  I would have to roust Clayton out of said bed though as he is happy for me to be around today.  


Linda Kay said...

Sometimes your body just has to say "enough already!", and we have to listen. I was so sleepy last night, I couldn't stay awake, so went to bed early. Feel great today!

Kay said...

Oh my gracious! I'm pooped just thinking about your day. Please get some rest.

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Sometimes life just gets in the way of creating which sounds like what has been going on in your world lately! It will pass. Just happy to read that you took a day for yourself (you did, didn't you????). You left a comment on my blog about altering an old book and you stated you couldn't do it, you would have to read it then shelve it. I love books but found a new way to "save" unwanted ones by altering them. This little book has beautiful pencil drawings and I saved almost all of them and try to not cover up any or very little of them so when I flip through I can still see them. Stay tuned as I am on a mission to getting it finished before school starts!