Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Word Spill

I'm not sure what you call this abandoning of my blog lately, writers block.  I just don't know but the words are just not there.  I don't seem to have an opinion about anything lately and I certainly don't want to get political.  I haven't even been writing in my handwritten journal.  It's very strange that I don't have words spilling out of my brain.  It could be the pain that seems to be never ending from the knee because it seems to be constantly on my mind.  Workouts have been at a real minimum and any kind of walking to stores or ANYTHING is at a minimum.  I am in the holding pattern, STILL of waiting for a call from the doctor's office.  Since the MRI was last Wednesday I am giving them till tomorrow afternoon then I'm calling them.  They should surely have the results by then wouldn't you think.  If I was not referred by my regular doctor I would stop this and start the process over but I am patient and a waiter by nature.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween, my most un-favorite time of year, mostly because of the candy aspect and how I DON'T want it in my house.  As it turns out my lights will be out because The Hubby will be at dance class and I am NOT going to be getting up and down to answer the door with this knee.  If he was here I have a bag of toys to give out if he was.

On a good note is that we are babysitting sweet Rio on Thursday and will get to have an all-nighter on Saturday while they go to a huge Halloween party.  Thursday will be a trial run and hope all goes well.  The Hubby is rather excited as am I.  She is a precious little being that has been brought into our lives and I can't wait to spend some time with her.  I can't wait till she is bouncing around this house with a sing-song "Granny", "GrandPOP!(or Poppy, or PaPa or whatever he prefers...)


Michelle said...

I usually don't pass out candy, becuase I'm out with the kids trick or treating. This year my son and his girlfriend have decided to stay home and hand out candy. I hope they have either given it all away, or eaten it all, before I get home. I don't need a bowl of unclaimed candy sitting in my house!

Beryl said...

I just figured the huge change of having a grandchild in your life made the blog writing secondary these days. Have a good time with her this week.
I just take my leftover candy to my friends in water aerobics class and they send them to the soldiers. Win - win!

Anonymous said...

I so hope the pain lessens and that your words come back - enjoy your time with the grandbaby!!!