Thursday, October 04, 2012

Foggy Days

Foggy days...yes that is me today.  I've been dealing with an increasingly sore knee for some time now but the past couple of weeks I'm in agony.  A lot of standing and waiting at the hospital put me over the top with pain so I finally called my internist and saw him yesterday.  He immediately had them book me to see a specialist this morning and in the meantime he gave me a prescription for hydrocodone.  I have been under the impression for over 30 years now that I could not tolerate any kind of codiene medicine so I have not taken it.  I get so very ill, usually, but I said okay I will try it again.  I was desparate to end the pain that I'm dealing with constantly.  So, last night I popped that mighty pill in my mouth and waited to see if anything happened.  What happened is that I slept.  You see sleeping has been an issue because the pain, in any position, does not stop.  I slept HARD, so hard that I could not wake up this morning.  I had the doctor appointment at 9 am and I threw myself out of bed at 8:30, gulped a cup of coffee and the hair in a ponytail and rushed out the door.  I was still in a fog until lunch with The Hubby when suddenly I saw sunlight.  Well, we know that stuff works for the pain and sleeping but I will only be taking it on the weekends.  Sheesh!

The ortho doc took x-rays and determined that I have a torn cartilidge in my knee and will confirm with an MRI and then arthroscopic surgery to take care of my issue.  I knew I had a problem when every dance turn I had pain but the pain had been increasingly worse and worse till one time I felt a kind of snap, pop, PAIN.  That was it a few months ago and now this. 

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