Saturday, October 06, 2012

This and That Saturday

Good Saturday morning all.  We're in town for yet another weekend.  The Hubby has to do some office work which means my Monday at the office will be on overload with invoicing.  We've missed several weeks at the cabin but it's all been good as we were waiting for little Rio to enter this world.  I think we will go up on Sunday afternoon because one of the cabins is going to be auctioned off.  Sadly one of our friends has hit very hard times and their cabin is one to go.  Makes my heart break for them and to see one of the places where we have all shared so many happy fun memories go to a stranger.  I'm not sure why The Hubby wants to go except for maybe curiosity, surely he doesn't plan on bidding?...?...?

Today I'm planning on visiting my dad and maybe seeing if he wants to go to B&B2's to see Rio.  I also hope to attend the Art in the Square at Utica Square but I'm not sure my knee can survive it.  I'm still waiting for the scheduling office to call for the MRI and they have not yet.  Monday if I have not heard by the afternoon I'm calling because this pain is non-stop and it is starting to grate on me.  Making me frown and that causes wrinkles and I'm having none of that!  Tomorrow I will do a bit of painting or pastel or something.

Last night I made my first risotto, successfully!  It was yummy.  Sauteed shrimp with a bit of garlic, lemon and capers and fresh steamed asparagus, I felt like we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  It was a nice quiet Friday evening.


Larissa T. said...

Oh no! I hope your knee gets better soon! (: enjoy your weekend, Jill!

mama lola said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. hope your knee doesn't give you a tough go this weekend!