Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I'm still here.  For some unknown reason I just can't seem to come up with words for this blog lately.  I'm blocked in so many ways and not sure why.  I do journal in a handwritten journal but even that has become a bit silent.  Lots of stuff rumbling around in my noggin' but just not able to put it into words.  I haven't even been able to pick up a book to read, although I am listening to audio books in my car.  Every few years I get this way and can't explain it.  I think there is just a lot of stuff on my plate and I'm in kind of a limbo:  Daddy in the nursing home, waiting and waiting for his next surgery; the remodel/add-on to the house that seems to be moving slow as molasses; and more that I can't put here for various reasons.  So don't worry all I will be back on track soon, I hope.  I liked posting everyday but I think I needed a break, to slow down a bit.  Hang in there with me.  The camera should be here soon too and I will be able to share more snapshots of life in my world.  Take care all and Happy Wednesday.  Enjoy an old snapshot of Momma - Happy Mother's Day.


Debbie said...

What great photos. And with all you have going on, it is no wonder you aren't really feeling the blogging bug!

Mamarazzi said...

the photos are amazing. i will say a prayer for your daddy and for your comfort.