Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 This past weekend I was introduced to 5 little gentlemen, BeaBull's.  The little mommie is called Tina Fey, the daddy, a pit bull, is called Buster Brown.  Unfortunately, all of them need a home.  The owner has been "taken" away for an extended stay!  This is the country y'all and it sometimes happens.  Some kind hearted neighbors are feeding and tending Buster Brown at the empty house and Tina Fey and entourage have been relocated to a more secure and watchful household until they can be adopted out.  The puppies are all boys, amazing and are 3 weeks old.  The household that is fostering the litter. Tina Fey is full blood beagle and Buster Brown a pit bull.  Miss Tina Fey is a wonderful momma dog and when she is finished feeding will be spayed, Buster Brown will be neutered and adopted out too.  They are all wonderful and great temperament.  Unfortunately, I won't be adopting any but will give all the hugs and kisses I can dish out. 
Tina Fey