Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Home again is exactly where Daddy is as of today.  We had a meeting on Monday with social services and physical therapists at the nursing home and a multitude of doctors appointments last week.  They all were a bit apprehensive about the prospects of Daddy going home but that man is stubborn as an old goat.  We three siblings have been burning up the phone talking and hashing out all the possibilities of how this is going to work, a 75 year old man on his own without a hip.  I've lost sleep and probably gained a lot more gray hair with it all.  So many variables and the horrible fear he would fall.  Yesterday I even had a tour of the assisted living area of the nursing home and thought that would be best for him.  After the meeting with the staff and the tour I gathered up my courage and went to Daddy's room to have a talk with him.  I fully intended to bully him into staying but moving into a different wing.  I knew that the chances of my winning this battle were slim and I was right.  He got rather angry with me and I saw that angry "Daddy" look that I haven't seen since I was a child.  I sat with him for over an hour trying in vain to change his mind but he was going to go home, period.  I told him in no uncertain terms that if I felt he could not manage I was bringing him back. 

So this morning I was up early because I had to go to the office and do a bit of invoicing.  Then I went to a pharmacy that is also a supplier of wheelchairs, walkers, etc.  Daddy wanted a new walker that had a seat on it so he could get his TV dinners to the table.  It's not as if he doesn't have enough of them.  He has my grandmothers and one The Hubby bought for his step dad when he was alive.  The morning was fast being used up and I knew he was waiting for me.  I did not want to take him home.  I arrived at the nursing home, found the appropriate people and we waited as they gathered his meds.  About 11 am we wheeled him out and he very easily hopped into my Jeep and we were off.  I texted my brother to meet us at the house as there are two steps up his front porch that he needed help with.  Daddy's plan was to get into the wheelchair and we pull him backwards up the step.  Bro and I handled it easily.  Finally inside Daddy was ecstatic to be inside his home of 50 years.  He wheeled back and forth into the kitchen and around the living room and them promptly wanted to sit in his chair.  That accomplished Bro and I were doing stuff around the house when Daddy decided that he wanted to try out the new walker.  I was in the bedroom and Bro was behind Daddy moving an end table when all of a sudden I heard Bro yelp.  I ran into the living room and there was Daddy on the floor!  EGADS!!! That was what I was afraid of.  I ran over and he said he was fine that he got his foot tangled up in the small rug under his chair.  He didn't want help as he got himself onto the sofa and then up with the walker.  I so hope nothing is broken but he seemed very fine all day long and he even walked around with the walker and then got back into the wheelchair and helped me in the kitchen to figure out a grocery list and then back into his chair.  Oh my gosh that was what I was so afraid of but hopefully we've got it out of the way.  I got his clothes put away, food accessible to his reach, replenished his larder of TV dinners and his meds all laid out for him to take and then it was time for me to finally leave.  That was hard, to leave him all by himself but his was happily on his laptop checking out his emails and his Facebook page with the TV blaring.  Home health care will be there tomorrow and hopefully the siblings will check in on him this weekend.  Sunday I will go by and check in on him as my weekend is full.  I need a break though.  It's been a very, very long week.  Now we wait to hear from the doctors.  Toodles all.


Janie B said...

I am so sorry for the stress this is causing you and your family. I know how hard this is. My mother did not want to go to a nursing home, and thankfully we were able to find a family who took a few elderly people into their home and took great care of them. It's very difficult to make these tough decisions for the ones who used to make them for us. God bless.

Kay said...

It's so hard isn't it? I know my mother would feel the same way. I'm glad we can watch over her here in our house.