Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Menagerie, that is a word my mother used often when she talked about all our animals and today I will use it to describe my menagerie. We've always had a lot of animals in our house since The Hubby and I married, mainly cats. Let me see, we've had the usual dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, canaries and as of yesterday I now own zebra finches. It was kind of weird that my birthday is next week and I was thinking about going to get myself a birthday present of finches. The Hubby is done with cats, which I prefer, and won't let a cat set paw through these doors but the birds he doesn't mind too much. Anyway, a friend just happened to text me that she had a friend who had four finches that this lady's daughters bought her for Mother's Day and she HATES them, threatening to open the back door and let them out, seriously. Well, that could not happen and D asked me if I wanted them. Yes, certainly, but only if the supplies came with and they did. She was at my door shortly with a large cage with some little chirpy birds. I love them but The Hubby holds his love as they are a bit chirpy for him, I love it. Since I didn't know anything about the little guys I quickly did some research to find I had two males and two females, in one cage with nesting stuff. EGAD, that won't do and I found myself on the ladder to the attic to dig out another cage and stand to separate. I took both cages into the small entry bathroom with no windows and a flashlight and after a few attempts accomplished the task. Now I have a cage of females and a cage of males that are making the morning fun as they rejoice the sun peeping in the window.

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