Monday, June 07, 2010

McLinky Monday at RHOK

The question this Monday from the ladies of RHOK is very interesting and makes for a lot of thought I sometimes wish to forget - Who were you in high school.  Ah, that has been a few years ago, many years ago.  I graduated in 1974...OUCH!  That is 36 years!  I am totally not the same person I was in high school.  I grew up in the era of hippies, Nixon, Watergate and the Viet Nam War.  The age of long ironed hair and no makeup, bell bottom jeans and the beginnings of the idea of ecology. 

In the Urban Dictionary, look up the word wallflower and you will probably see a picture of me.  The online dictionary states:  "a type of loner. seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them. cute.
I met this gorgeous girl, a bit of a wallflower, but very sweet."

That is me and how I have always been described in high school.  That is not me now.  I am bold and say my peace now.  I go to every reunion we have which is every five years.  In fact, since the 15th year reunion I have headed the committe and am the class contact.  In high school I belonged to two organizations, pep club in my sophomore year (for the football season only) and the ecology club (never went to a meeting).  That is the extent of my organizations!  I was so painfully shy that I would cry in bed at night to my Daddy, "What is wrong with me.  Why don't guys like me.  I'm nice but they don't give me a chance."  I was a miserable little girl. 

Just look at me now.

This is at a multi-class reunion from 1970-1979...I was the only one from my class and I stood proudly at the at the stage and had my picture taken.


Dawn said...

I love that first picture! It screams 70's! Ha. I love everything about the 70's.

That is great that you head up all the reunions. I love our reunions.

Thanks for playing along this week!

~Mrs. Albright

Nadine Hightower said...

hot cha cha!!! and still a hot babe!!

Char said...

:) it's an amazing thing to realize that we've moved on since high school - a lot of people never do. you're beautiful

Baloney said...

Wallflower. Hmmm.
Not anymore!
I'm glad you gained confidence and embrace your reunions. They can be so much fun!
~Mrs. Priss

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yep -that desciption of a wallflower sounds like me a lot of times too. Great pics! Oh and that is so cool that you worked at Sirloin Stockade too -I worked at the 1 in Muskogee -Course it's been gone for a few years now -I actually don't know if there's any left?