Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is post #840 and tomorrow will be 4 year anniversary.  Please read to see what is up.

Yesterday B's show, The Alliday Show was a huge success.  The attendance was awesome and the vendors were awesome.  I had a wonderful time and I thank all of "our" friends and family for supporting her in her venture that she has worked so hard for.  You know this was not like the usual "Arts & Crafts" show that I've attended.  It was full of a lot of artisans and that is what makes the difference.  Next year my dear friend C asked if I wanted to share a booth with my oil paintings and her water colors.  I'm up for it but I had better get busy and PAINT!  Have to have some note cards too.

Today, I'm planning a huge family dinner for both sides of the fam to celebrate the homecoming of our youngest, A.  She has been here since Father's Day and leaves to go back to her home on Wednesday.  It has been a really wonderful visit with her and I don't look forward to her leaving.  Today I'm going to do an easy meal of baked spaghetti, wilted lettuce salad, bread and a cake from Reasor's called Tres Leches (wonderful).  Very simple.  The wilted lettuce salad I've made for years but I recently and accidently picked up maple flavored bacon and it was AWESOME on the salad so going to try it again. 

Tune in tomorrow for the anniversary blog here.

(It is 8:31 and The Hubby is still in bed...that is a new one.)


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm glad the show went well.

Sounds like a great dinner you have planned.

Kay said...

Congratulations that it went so nicely. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sweet Tea said...

My son's SO was one of the artisans at the Craft Fair. Glad to hear it was a big success.