Thursday, June 17, 2010


Thought I would update on the dance lessons.  Yes, I am still going although occasionally I get a week off due to circumstances beyond my control ;).  Every Wednesday since January I have been attending the West Coast Swing classes with The Hubby.  It is Intermediate 1 and 2 classes so I guess you can say I am able to hold my own in class.  I have to admit, really have to admit that I'm have an itty-bitty touch of fun but it is not my life like it is for The Hubby.  He is just eat up with it and I AM NOT!  The classes seem to be expanding as there have been a few driving in from Stillwater for classes.  It's getting a bit crowded which is fun but then that is where I have to ease into meeting more new people, rotating on the dance floor with different partners.  That is where I have an issue but I'm trying.  The other day The Hubby said something about taking ballroom...I set my foot down and said NO but he kind was teasing me (I hope) that oh yes I would.  I am not into it!!!!!  So that is my update on the dance front. 

I have to say also that our class is at a rec center and we meet in a kids dance room with the ballet bars on the walls and a huge, HUGE mirror on one entire wall.  I know I said something about this before but, that damn mirror makes me crazy.  It bulges in the middle kind of like one of those weird mirrors in one of, having a brain fart, can't think of the word, "something" house mirrors.  Anyway, it makes me look like an elephant dancing and I hate it, really hate it.  I come from home thinking I look really nice and slimmer and walk into this room and it totally deflates my ego.  HATE IT!  Can't wait till we go back to the old room with no mirrors again. 

Don't tell The Hubby, but our youngest is coming home for Father's Day to surprise him on Sunday.  She hasn't been home since Thanksgiving so we are all ready to see her.  We're going to dinner and she is going to show up and surprise him!  I also bought myself a FLIP camera but really haven't even used the thing and decided that he would love it to tape the dance lessons for review.  See I am trying to be supportive and if he EVER says again that I don't support him...well...WHAM! 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Your attitude about dancing is like my wife's about geocaching. At least I don't need a partner for my hobby.

Beth Zimmerman said...

It's a fun house mirror. :) I hate it when I can't find a word like that! Happens way too often too!

Good for you for going to Dance lessons to support hubby's love of them! Sorry about that mirror. I think I'd risk the bad luck and accidentally break it!

Janie B said...

We are all different. I would have loved to have a husband that wanted to dance. My ex refused. But, I'm not crazy about giant mirrors either (fun house, btw).

Brit Gal Sarah said...

I think it's wonderful you are doing this with him and it does sound like fun.