Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished, I Think

Yesterday I went to Daddy's and did cleanup and some final touches to the house. Basically it is done except for some paint cans and putting some cookbooks on a shelf. Whew! He will be home next weekend.

Before - Living Room


Before - (Daddy's)


Before - Guest Bedroom (Mine & Sis)


Before - Back Porch - (Bro's Bedroom)

After (sort of)

Before - Laundry Room/Pantry


It's pretty exciting and I hope he loves it.  The next pic's should be of his amazed face and the tears.


Char said...

great job

♥Georgie♥ said...

wow all have done an amazing job! it looks incredible

Sweet Tea said...

What a great job you've done. Your Daddy is gonna be thrilled! It must make you feel wonderful to be able to do that for your Dad; what a great gift of love!
Well done!

Flea said...

Well dang, woman. That's amazing! Tears will be right!

Janie B said...

You should be so proud of yourself! What a lot of hard work with great results. Your dad will love it.

Kay said...

Holey Moley, Carla! That is absolutely incredible. We're doing renovation work on our house so I KNOW what goes into making a house look like that. Your dad will think he's in a different house. I'm totally blown away. It's gorgeous!