Monday, February 15, 2010


Yes I feel a bit of overload, mentally I think.  This weekend we hightailed it to the cabin for some nice R&R and the annual board meeting of the homeowners association (yuck).  The usual running crowd was on a cruise (I'm jealous) so the social life was very low key.  Friday evening we settled in for a nice sleep after The Hubby took Clayton on a run to wear him out.  Unfortunatly that did work out as well as usual.  Clayton was antsy and just couldn't get comfortable in bed.  I laid in bed myself trying to nod off and cursing the jittery dog when I rolled over and realized that the wiggling was not Clayton, who was fast asleep by my backside, but The Hubby who was twitching.  His muscles were just jumping all over the place trying to relax.  I know he does this most nights but Friday was the worst he's been in awhile.  That is usually a sign of stress and tensness for him which made sense because work has been horrible.  We are usually slow this time of year but this year, with the slow down in the economy it is even slower than usual.  It's odd though as he usually shows his stress in different ways and I really didn't notice this time.  Anyway, back to the night of uneasy rest.  We finally all drifted off quietly when I was awakened about 2 a.m. to The Hubby sitting on the end of the bed on my side rifling through my purse with his little LED flashlight.  I said, "What are you doing?"  He replied, "Your phone battery is dying and it's beeping."  I reminded him that I turned the thing off when we got off the main road when we arrived so it could not be that.  He put my purse back and climbed back into bed mumbling he thought he heard beeping.  Yes dear, just go back to sleep.  Strange night. 

I have to back up a bit to Friday.  I finally was able to meet with my dear friend that is dealing with cancer to exchange our Christmas.  We are usually late in this endeavor.  I had painted her the picture of the wine glasses and strawberries and was anxious to give it to her.  She was supposed to start Chemo on Monday (today) and I wanted her to have a happy place to look at and remember.  She was very pleased with it.  It is so hard seeing her go through this stuff.  I'm very worried and really don't know what all is happening with her.  Just all so out there as I've not had anyone close to me with cancer before (I lie, my grandfather had lung cancer but I was very young), and this is not the only person I know lately.  There are two people at our cabin area dealing with different kinds of cancer.  This is a whole new place for me to be and it weighs on my mind a lot. 

Yesterday morning it turned bitter cold again and I was surprised to see all the beautiful snow.  Huge, HUGE flakes and thankfully they didn't stick.  I was not going to be happy if the snow yet again canceled a family dinner.  I don't know if you can tell but there were gigantic flakes here.

We came back to town and hurridly cleaned up the house because I called for an impromtu dinner with The Hubby's family.  One of the nephews and his family were finally going to be in town since they missed Christmas and I wanted us all to finally have a family time.  I called to Olive Garden and ordered lasagna and spaghetti for 15, picked it up and had a great meal.  It is very easy when you don't have time to cook.  I was a bit terse with The Hubby's older brother who wanted to pay for part of the dinner but I and insisted No.  He said that he wanted to because it was mostly his family there.  I guess I took it wrong and spouted off, "Hey, I've been Mrs. The Hubby for more years than I was maiden name."  He just kind of laughed and asked if I was sure.  I guess I took it wrong because I've been ticked off at him for a bit.  I love him dearly but may not ever forgive him for not rushing to be here when his brother, my husband was in the hospital and on a vent for 3 days.  I know The Hubby was going to be fine but I needed the support and he was not there.  Okay, I will calm down now. 

This morning the old Jazzercise girls met for coffee and I gave up my cardio to meet, besides I woke up with a horrible headache and just now have made it disappear.  I hate that.  Tonight I go out with another group of girls we call The Birthday Club for dinner and friendship.  Yes, I think I am blessed with very good friends. 

This week will also be full of work, dental work, nails, hair and more work on Daddy's.  The Hubby could not stand it and decided to pull the washer and dryer, paint and patch the laundry room, the last room that needed work.  It was nasty.  The concrete floor will have to be painted too.  It has been in the past and looks awful.  So the whole house is going to be done just in time for Daddy to come home.  They begin the drive home on March 4.  Can't wait.  So Friday and/or Saturday will be yet another work day. 

I guess that is a lot of info but I feel that I've been missing a bit and I apologize if I have not commented on my fellow bloggers but my reader is messed up and I'm slowly trying to find a read.  Take care all and I will keep posted!


Brit Gal Sarah said...

You've been busy! Had to laugh at the comment to the Hubby at the end of the handbag saga, I just find it easier to agree with mine most of the time!

Have a good week.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Lots going on with you. Here there and everywhere. This slowdown is getting to everybody.