Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick One

He is a sick little boy.  Yesterday I came home from lunch and was not greeted at the door like usual.  Little Clayton was still in his bed looking at me, not budging.  I went over to pet him, his ears were back and I could see his business.  ICK, sorry but this is gross, it was pussy and looked bad.  I knew he had been shaking the night before so I immediately called the vet.  I took him in and the vet washed out his um, thing, took his temp and got a sample.  He has a UTI, urinary tract infection.  What in the world would cause this but the vet said sometimes they just get them.  Oh, poor little guy.  After one dose of antibiotic last night he was feeling so much better.  Thank goodness. 

I also got a call from my dear friend asking if I could possibly take her for her radiation treatment.  I felt so bad that I couldn't be of service but it was the same time as the vet appointment and The Hubby had to go to the funeral of the friend that I was supposed to go too.  I just couldn't do it.  Still feel bad but what do you do. 

I'm also torn as tomorrow I'm supposed to go to the orthopedic hand specialist at 2:40 pm.  Well, I was supposed to take off to the lake after working at Daddy's and doing payroll.  I think I will reschedule for next week and besides it is much better.  I have got to get some time to get the house ready as Daddy will be home the next weekend.  We have to finish tweeking it, like vacuum, dust, restocking his food shelves, you know tweeking.  The back of my car is full of family pictures that I have cleaned and re-framed and need to be re-set.  My aunt, Daddy's sister emailed me about having a welcome home family get-together there on Sunday (Mar 7) and said go ahead and plan it.  Well, I think she took offense to that.  I'm sorry but I'm kind of tired of the whole thing and doing it all and I want someone else to take the lead there.  I think I'm also not wanting anyone to eat in the house.  I know I'm being a poop.  I guess I'll do the chicken-in-a-bucket thing and just get it done.  Crap.  I really can't wait till I get to see his face.  It's very exciting.  Today I am off to see the final room done, the laundry room.  I haven't had a look yet and it was probably the worst.  The Hubby replaced all his hoses on the gas dryer and washing machine and he said the lines were leaking gas.  That is where that smell was from.  It's so exciting when you walk in the door and smell fresh.  I will post a big one sometime when he comes home all the new and old. 

I know I'm rambling but that is what is going on in my head and I just spill on the keyboard here.  Hope you can follow the chaos from my brain today.  I've not even included stuff going on at the office...EGADS!!!  (Bring on the sunshine and the work please.)


Flea said...

Good for you, saying no when you need to! Get some rest, and enjoy your Daddy!

Tia said...

glad your puppy is feeling better!!!

Char said...

sorry your baby is feeling bad - hope he's all better soon.

Janie B said...

Oh, poor Clayton! I just hate it when my babies are sick. Give him a hug for me.