Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sky is Falling

The sky is falling.  That is what is literally going to happen this afternoon, according to the weather people.  Let's scare everyone half to death why don't we.  I mean really.  It is crazy out there and on the TV.  Yes, yes, I remember how it was being without power for 9 days in '07 but let's not put such fear in everyone please.  I know the media is trying to be helpful like how to keep your food in the fridge when the power goes out or how to run the generator or, or, or... but I'm tired of it at this point.  Maybe I feel this way because this time our generator is all hooked up and ready to take over, unlike last time when it sat at the side of the house because The Hubby did not have time to get it hooked up.  You see, being an electrical contractor we install permanent standby generators and were so busy doing everyone else's that ours sat.  That is a good thing, to be that busy, but not when the power goes out for 9 days. 

Okay on to other things...

Last night was the 4th week of the forced-into dance classes with The Hubby.  I have to admit here that it was a little fun but I'm not happy at 2 solid hours of it.  By the middle of the 2nd hour I'm done!  I'm a sweaty mess and so tired that my feet are not minding my brain.  Sometimes I watch the clock slowly tick the seconds away, just waiting to go home.  I've decided (haven't shared this with The Hubby yet) that I'm giving him a year of this once a week crap and then I'm done.  I'm sorry but I just don't want to do it.  I had to have two glasses of wine to go last night and that does not go very well with the constant spinning or twirling or whatever you call it.  Yeah, it helped to make it a bit more fun, but I can't get half drunk every Wednesday night, or can I.  I know you ladies are confused by my dislike of this dance thing.  Many have commented that they wished their husbands would like to dance with them but I think it is a dominance battle with us and my not wanting to pushed into yet another obsession of his.  Oh I'm a bit confused myself about it all but will carry on, at least for a bit.  I think I'm going to have to buy dance shoes...EGADS!!!!!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

At least you have a generator !
We sit in the dark if the power goes off, light the candles, and stay under the duvet and mounds of quilts for hours.
Now dancing may keep us warm ;)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Ditto what Jo said, we just have a furnace to keep us warm. The icing has started over here and I am on a snow day, with a foot expected overnight!

As for the dancing, I had a similar exp with square dancing, didn't last too long ;-)

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Is it easier to dance on ice? Just asking. *smile
Good luck with the weather and just think of all the calories you are burning while making your dh happy.