Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day by Day

Monday is upon us like any other day.  It's day by day by day and each of those days we get older.  I really hate that and don't feel older most of the time, until I look in the mirror.  Every five weeks or so I have to go in and cover the most obvious sign that I'm getting older, my silver gray hair.  I'm just not ready to look older.  For a long time I didn't look my age, actually up until a few years ago, but now, well, I look all of my 53 years.  I don't like it but growing older is really something we can not halt but we can at least help it to not "hurt" so bad.  So a little hair color, a lot of night cream, exercise, laughter and I think I'm holding my own, except in the weight department but I'm actively working on it.  So it is just day by day by day. 


Anonymous said...

great picture! I love it!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

You look great with the colors around your face. I'm fighting the aging "thang" too. We do what we can!!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

You're looking good and I concur totally with the need for 'aids' as we age!