Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to one an all!  Welcome year 2010 !

First of all, I know, I know the colors are a bit much but I'm so bored with the old stuff that I'm trying all kinds of stuff.  Stay tuned in to see if I keep changing. 

The new year was brought in at the cabin, or at one of the cabinites places.  We had a wonderful pork tenderloin dinner while listening to Paul McCartney live album and watching, silently a football game.  Don't ask me who was playing because I have no earthly idea.  Later in the evening we had homemade creme brulee made by Bare, who doesn't even eat the stuff.  The best I have EVER had!  Oh my gosh, my last indulgence for awhile.  About 11 pm the guys were getting restless so the poker chips and cards were brought out.  It was 4 guys and me.  I love cards of any kind and am pretty good at them.  I don't know what all the check and call things mean in poker but I won the first hand big and the last hand big.  Told you I can play cards.  Finally it was pucker-your-lips time and we all got a good dose of lip action.  The Hubby and I were struggling to stay awake as we were up at 5 am like most every morning so we were closing in on being up for 19 hours straight.  Speaking of 5 am.  I had missed workout all week long because of the stupid ice and my reluctance on being the guinea pig on the stuff at 5 am but yesterday I braved it since the main roads were clear and it was melting (run on sentence).  I backed out of the drive and down to the street and of course found the only two patches of fairly tough mounds of snow packed ice to get stuck on.  I had to run inside to call The Hubby to push my little car forward and backward a bit to get me out, but I finally got a workout in. 

The night before we finally made a decision on a car.  We spent all of Tuesday test driving four cars:  Jeep Commander, Ford Flex, Nissan Armada and the Chevy Tahoe.  My heart was for the Commander as that has been catching my eye for a bit but after driving the Flex we were torn.  The Armada was unavailable, the Tahoe was pretty much like The Hubby's Avalanche and I've had a Tahoe before.  The Flex was a dream to drive but they were not very negotiable on the price.  Overnight we talked about it and I told The Hubby that since the Jeep was the better deal and it was my personal favorite I would prefer to get it.  Besides The Hubby has never been a Ford guy so I was surprised he was leaning towards it.  We bought the car yesterday and should pick it up tomorrow afternoon.  I will have pictures later.  Later that night at dinner I kind of started needling The Hubby about why he was going to sell my Miata and not keep it in storage.  We have kept his step-dad's 1971 El Camino, and his 1949 Dodge pickup that is being restored (let's talk money spent) and I didn't see the reason, just because it was a fairly expensive car that we could not keep MY car.  I mean I really don't mind him selling it but why is my stuff not that important.  We keep tons of his stuff and have a few buildings to do that.  We keep his collections but I'm asked sometimes to scale down my stuff while he amasses his.  I mean, I was just kind of perturbed by his insisting here and I wanted him not to think about the money involved, that it was a matter of does my stuff stink or something and his doesn't.  Well, let me tell you my needling set off a tirade from some pent up feelings.  I was on my second bite of prime rib and was left with my mouth hanging open and frankly embarrassed by his anger in the restaurant.  I love the guy but I hate it when we go rockin' along for months on end and he lets stuff build up to the point of an eruption.  I won't go into all that was said because there was plenty more but I was just curious of what you would feel if you and your stuff felt devalued somehow, how would you feel.  I kind of felt cut down.  Also, during all of this crap I ended up backing down on the dance stuff and will attend 1, I said 1 class a week with him dancing, YUCK!  I didn't address the crack on my weight.  I've already addressed that here!  Oh, man marriage is still so much work even after nearly 34 years this month!  ARGHHHHHH!!!!!


Janie B said...

Ooh...sorry about that eruption thing. I must admit that I don't miss that part of marriage. My ex was the eruption king. Congrats on the car. Can't wait to see pics.

Char said...

i'm sorry hon - and you're right, it is difficult communicating when people have been holding back and it's such a flood when it finally comes out. hope it's better today.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I can so see your hubby is a pack-rat but if i keep anything he is saying we meaning ME need to purge...marriage is hard work...

sorry that dinner was so rough for you...sending you virtual hugs
Happy New Year!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

First up congrats on the car, sounds really nice, but I totally understand about you wanting to keep the Miata. If it was me I'd be standing my ground.

Had to mention we also got the P-Mc CD for Xmas and love it.

Sorry to hear about the row. The hubster and I are both erupt at the time types, yell alot and then it's over. Can get messy but at least you know where you stand! I'd be pretty upset if I was you, and I'm afraid cracks about weight are off limits for me.

Hugs and Happy New Year Carla.

Kay said...

I'm sorry about that, Carla. That was rough. My son-in-law holds things in and then blows off like that, too. It's hard because you often don't see it coming. I'm sorry you're losing your Miata, too. My husband always wanted one.

Debbie said...

I like the color - I just can't see the font on such a dark background:( Sorry.