Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Wintery Day in Oklahoma

It is yet another wintery day here in Oklahoma and frankly I'm tired of it.  I have to say though, the snow was just beautiful.  The Hubby and I went to friends for dinner last night and the drive made me wish I had my camera.  It was just breathtaking.  You know the fir and pine trees looked like Christmas cards with each branch topped with the icing of snow.  Just beautiful.  That being said, bring on the spring.  I've been a bit productive with the signage of two more paintings and the beginning of a couple more.  Sometimes it is kind of nice to be snowed in, makes us do stuff. 

I really need to get back to Daddy's so we can finish putting the final touches on his kitchen.  He needed a small bed in his computer room for when his niece comes back with him for a visit and we were lucky enough to have one of the girls trundle beds still in storage.  I ordered a comforter, sheets and pillows and that is a go but I need to get down there to put it together.  It's getting down to crunch time for his return and I want everything perfect.  Supposedly the back porch room is getting the paneling put up and then we can strip and wax the floor in there.  I'm going to put this out there and I may step on a toe and make someone scream at me but I really don't care.  We have had tons of help on this project but there has been a glaring omission of help, a relative, very close that has not lifted a finger in this project.  Now I know that it was my idea but I am not an only child.  I'm getting tired of this person having the excuse that because of health reasons they can't lift (dishes can be washed) or that they can't afford it like "I" can!  There is much more to it.  Okay, again this was our idea, The Hubby and mine but still.  One of the main reasons for the inabilty to help is funds on their part but then I see on Facebook this morning that one of their children got a new laptop...whoa...I may have to get angry again.  Oh well, Daddy will have a nice place and that is what counts isn't it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. A real family feud. Kids are like that. We raised our five the same way but they are all so different I swear that my wife had a boyfriend. So, don't tell her that, 'cause she knows that I know she didn't.

Janie B said...

Families can be hard to deal with. I'm sorry you are feeling slighted, but I'm glad you are trying to concentrate on your dad's happiness. I can't wait to hear what he says when he gets back. He will be so proud.

Oh, and I'm sick of snow, too!

carma said...

The last sentence says it all. And I bet he'll be thankful :-)

lagirl/sweet tea said...

In answer to the questions you asked about "Swap till You Drop". There were 10 of us who participated. We did this in a church classroom, but it could be in a garage/driveway, patio/backyard, etc.

Thanks for stopping by.