Sunday, November 30, 2008


We were at the cabin this morning and all of a sudden huge flakes started falling and swirling around. Just beautiful.

It is too bad we really couldn't enjoy it as The Hubby and I have been a little green around the gills. Mine is the bottom half while his tummy is very queasy. Don't know what has set us off but YUCK! Yesterday I had to attend a bridal shower that stated as being between 2-4 pm. At 3:45 the gift table was still untouched. I told The Hubby I would be home so we could take off for the cabin at 3:30, well apparently I lied.

I spent part of the afternoon doing a little shopping as I was feeling a little better from the head cold I was fighting. I avoided the malls but instead hit small boutique like stores and was amazed at what I was able to find. I was pretty excited to get a lot of my shopping done. I'm pretty stoked to get so much done. Now I have to get my tree and ornaments out of the attic, make fruitcake, do some Christmas cards and just plain bake lots and lots of goodies. I told Harri and Sin last night that I was going to plan a night where we three couples meet at our house for a drink then hit a nice restaurant for a holiday dinner. They were all for it so I need to get a date planned ASAP. I'm actually feeling like Christmas now. I've been uploading Christmas music in my IPOD and I'm in the mood to make my multitude of lists I love to do. Lots of stuff to do, lots and lots and lots and'm beginning to get a little woozy from my mind going into overload. Oh well, off to list now...enjoy the video.

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