Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am going to pay.

Yes, I will pay tomorrow and maybe tonight. I will pay with pain. Today I went to a closer Jazzercise center and took a class this morning and then 15 minutes later drove to the personal trainer and took an hour of abuse. I will surely pay tomorrow. I will moan and groan every time I have to stand or sit, especially when I have to go to the little ladies room. It is all worth it though and I feel WONDERFUL, at least today, right this moment I do. It feels good to really be back at the old grind of whittling down this nasty fat that has accumulted upon this skeletal being. What was nice was that one of the ladies that went to the other center was there to visit with today. Maybe more of the other ladies will follow me.


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Kim said...

That's good to hear, I hope your ladies come to the new center.

You crack me up with "little ladies room." Ha!