Saturday, August 20, 2016

My World Lately

Good morning bloggyland!  Yes, I am still around.  It has been a crazy few weeks.  I've had to be at the office a good part of my life this past week which I don't mind yet I do because I can't be at my easel when I like.  Yes I have an easel there but it is getting harder and harder to paint there with a nearly 4 year old in the mix, you just can't get in the zone.  I've been painting a couple of birds for a friend that has commissioned them but not just real happy with the red-headed woodpecker.  There is just something WRONG with it.  I may have to start all over.  I actually hate it.  I've painted one before but am struggling with it.  I had it here then as I looked at it DELETED it, it is just plain UGLY.  The cardinal I'm happy with...onward. 

This week I had tons of my paintings framed for a couple of shows and let me tell you THAT WAS EXPENSIVE, even with a 1/2 off sale.  But it has to be done for the shows coming up.  One show I can have 4, the other 7, but probably less on that one because of the size of my Topiary, framed, it is HUGE!  Framing it makes it impressive for sure.

Well, our youngest is in town from California for a two week visit and her guy arrives on Monday to finish out the visit.  We haven't seen him in a couple of years.  He will be performing at Hodges Bend on Monday evening and we will go then he is teaching a master class at NSU in Tahlequah the next day.  The Hodges Bend thing he doesn't start performing till about 9 pm....EEK...I will have to get a nap that day.  Their visit will be the visiting of relatives and friends with a final day here with The Hubby's side of he family.  The tricky side of them here is that they have turned vegan.  My house, my diet, my food is definitely not vegan but I can make it happen a lot. 

Good news last evening as my good friend Harri and Jimbo have become grandparents to sweet Caleb.  So very excited for them.  Everyone around them had grandbabies and they were a bit jealous I think, now they are among us.  

I've also been gathering my stuff to ready for our trip to Europe.  In the next few months we will take a Mediterranean cruise around Italy and France.  We are going with three other couples of which the wives and I paint together.  We want to take photos, photos, photos for painting.  I'm nervous but ready.  My brother right now is in Poland with his church praise and worship band.  He plays guitar in the group.  He has only been to Mexico so this was a big deal and he is having a grand time, and eating his way across Poland!  

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