Thursday, August 25, 2016

Epic Decision Made

Over the years I have had many incarnations of hair styles, from curled with curlers or rags to a Toni perm right in the front and long in the back, the first mullet. 
Even short, short, to long, long by the time I graduated high school.

Then came the age of Farrah Fawcett bangs and as my aunt tried to do "painting" it but ended up bleaching my whole head of long long hair blonde. 
Next up was frosting, frosting caps and hooks...OUCH...and I have never gone back... 
well, maybe back and forth between the blonde to a bit darker but I've pretty much always had my hair bleached or dyed.

About a year ago I decided to let it grow long again.  I missed the braids, ponytails, or as Snicklefritz calls them "pony-pony's".  It is slow going unlike how it used to grow but it is getting longer which I am quite happy with.  

NOW...I have made an epic decision to...

There is still a LOT of blonde going on on the ends, actually most of it but I probably have 2 inches that is grown out silver grey and I am embracing it.  I'm done with that chemical stuff.  I am going to embrace my age, sort of. 

1 comment:

Sweet Tea said...

Kudos to you.
That is a big, brave decision.
I'm still battling the grey, but someday...