Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Life in June and Beyond

Oh gosh, what can I say, "I'VE BEEN BUSY," and that's the reason I have 
been AWOL here on Jill of All Trades. 

Of course I have been painting with this sweet little one finished finally last week.  It's The Hubby's cousin's son's daughter, 2nd or 3rd or 4th cousin, something like that.  Anyway, he has a small family so we are all kind of close.  The girl is named Lillian and I so totally missed making her a baby blanket and the sweetie is 3 I think and now they're going to have a son.  CRAP...so I decided to paint her picture and send a baby blanket for him.  They don't know yet so MUM's the word!

Also, while painting the extensive realist topiary painting I have to take a break to create some of these with my watercolors, pens, and markers.  Such fun and a huge hit.  Hmmmmm, thinking of changing my focus, really I am...

Oh, and last Monday I had a physical and boy was I scared.  For the past 2-3 years now, since I have been on blood pressure meds my BP has been high when I go in.  Makes me even more anxious to know that it's going to happen.  Usually it goes down when we chat and especially when we talk about the art.  Well, this time he said it was FREAKING FANTASTIC!  I was so over the moon happy.  I guess the eating differently has really made the difference.  Kind of fallen off the wagon this past month and have GOT to get back in the game but I think it is showing in this picture, don't you! 

On top of birthday partying this month I also attended a Friday bash for the classes of 1970-1979.  It was actually hosted by my brothers class of 1976.  It was fun plus my class had a cookout which was kind of mehhhh.  My heart was not into that one for sure. 
Also, on the calendar was a sweet backyard wedding of our old good good dear friends son.  I knew them before they even got married and now their youngest was getting hitched.  He had a scare a couple of weeks before when after, AFTER the big bike race, Tulsa Tough, when he and his then fiance' were riding their bikes home down 15th street and stopped alongside the road, later in the evening, he was run down by a hit and run driver.  Poor Sarah was there, saw it and thought he was dead.  Luckily a bunch of bruises, cuts, stitches, a couple broken bones but nothing life threatening.  STUPID DRIVER!!!! 

I've also been a reading fool yet again.  Well, there's nothing on television during the summer so I have my nose deep in my books.  I'm already up to I think 38 or 39 since January 1.  Check out my read list to the right.  I've read some good ones lately.  Elin Hilderbrand's latest is great along with Mary Kay Andrews.  

Voting was also on the agenda for the month of June.  I VOTED and was proud to be the first in my precinct.  

So now onward to July and looking forward to the youngest to come back for a visit along with her guy.  Then next up will be EEEEKKKKKK our trip to Rome!  Can't lie, I'm a bit nervous and excited.  Just need to get the world to stop being bad and naughty please.

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tulsamom said...

I spent 4 days in Rome in May. Weather and food were great.