Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pushing My Limits

I must have rocks in my head but I have jumped off the deep end in my painting life.  
I have gone from painting realism to a touch of abstract and now THIS...
yes, I'm painting this thing and so far so good.  In fact my instructor, Ross actually said on Tuesday that he was concerned that I would not be able to focus on something as intricate and intense as this but was pleasantly surprised by what I had accomplished in a few hours.  I was over the moon happy with it so far.  I have definitely pushed myself outside the box, so to speak in my world of art.  What fun and a major accomplishment if I can really pull this off.

Did you vote on Tuesday!  Somewhere on Tuesday there was a vote and I certainly did my civic duty and voted and am thrilled to have some new young blood in office.  Next...November and PRESIDENT...that is making me crazy.  Hate, hate, HATE the choices out there.

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tulsamom said...

I don't like our choices either but when picking between one I don't like and one that scares the crap out of me it is not a hard one to make.