Saturday, April 04, 2015

To Have A Hysterectomy or Not to Have, That Is The Question!

I've been dealing with some of my own health issues as of late, and now that most know about them I can share with my bloggy friends (guys, you may or may not want to read.)

I have been dealing with a yearly occurrence for about three years now where I go just over a year without a period, then "HELLO," let's visit her again!  I've had three vaginal ultrasounds, and the first two my GYN just said we will watch it.  Well, this time, the "spotting" has not stopped.  So the third vaginal ultrasound showed that my endometrium has become very thick, to the point she said we need to either do a D&C or a biopsy.  EEK!  BIOPSY!  That is an extremely scary word and it freaked me out for sure.  That phone call was on a Thursday.  I was given the choice of either or, and I chose the in office biopsy, but that meant I had to wait till Tuesday for the procedure and then wait for results.  Oh gosh it is a good thing I am a patient person and am quite practiced in waiting.  So while I am in art class Thursday morning my cell phone rang and it was the results.  The nurse said, "You have complex endometrial hyperplasia with atypia and Dr. D says you need a hysterectomy ."  I specifically asked, "is there cancer" and her response was, "NO, there is no cancer!" Whew, that was such a HUGE relief.  The Hubby has been so scared, and of course me too.  It has been intense.  I immediately called those I needed to and let them know, especially The Hubby.  He of course wants me to do some research before have my plumbing taken out.  I did research the EHw/A and found that I have a few reasons why I need to have it, such as obesity (RATS) and thyroid issues and high blood pressure.  It is not cancer, but that can develop.  That is quite enough for me to have stuff ripped out.  Now though I need to really do some in depth research.  The Hubby's main concern is sex, of course, mine is TO LIVE!  

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Kay said...

Sex is important, but living is more so. It's always good to do research though. A second opinion is also great.