Monday, April 20, 2015

It's ON!

Yes, it's on.  Surgery that is!  I met with the surgeon today and let me tell you I have been a bit nervous and walking into the building was really scary.  It was the new Tulsa Cancer Center off of the Broken Arrow Expressway, 51st & 129th.  Nice building but a little intimidating walking through those doors and see the word CANCER.  I don't have, they don't think, it's just the doctor works out of the group that is there.  The people there could not have been nicer but my tummy was definitely flip-flopping.  I was so sure my blood pressure was up, up, UP.  While "checking in" there was a huge CLANG of a very large bell around the corner that made me jump out of my skin.  The girl behind the desk was quick to let me know that it meant that it was the last treatment for a patient!  Yeah, that didn't help the "cancer scare" nerves.  I was fashioned with a pretty blue hospital type bracelet and then ushered upstairs to the doctor offices, a very nice waiting area to sit with all kinds of people, some who obviously had cancer with bald heads, protruding growths on a guy's neck and ME, scared to death.  I was early, as usual and still had to wait 30 minutes past my appointment time but I'm okay with that.  I'm a very patient waiter.  I tried to read but it was difficult when I was so unsure how the appointment was going to go.  Finally, I was taken down a very long hallway to a nice cubicle where I was weighed (down 3 pounds and that with my boots on) and my blood pressure taken (also down, surprisingly).  The blood pressure is probably because I have been a new medicine that seems to be helping!  

So with a ton of questions it has been scheduled for May 5.  He said I could probably drive in a week depending on how I was feeling and not on pain pills.  I would not want to overdo it and no lifting over 10 pounds or excessive bending.  So I will be able to do payroll and probably attend an art workshop at the end of the month, hopefully!  Maybe I'll be blogging a bit more with some downtime.  Life has been so very crazy for me lately, maybe I need the slow down.


Linda Kay said...

Jill, so sorry for your very anxious appointment, and I'll be praying that your surgery goes well on May 5th! Let us know how you are doing, okay?

Cindy said...

I know it surgery is scary, but focus on much better you will feel after you recover. I'll be thinking of you on May 5th!