Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Doin's

Yesterday was a wonderful day as I got to STAY home and enjoy resting.  Yes, I know I'm getting ready to have about 6 weeks of "resting" but I needed to be home, in my yard.  I finally planted some of my pots before the rest of the plants I bought died.  I piddled in my yard and found these lovelies.  My pink peony was blooming!  I really wanted a double one but I love this just the same.  Sadly, we may miss the blooming of the ones at the cabin.  Not sure if we will get there before my surgery next week.
Then as I moved on to the tomatoes, I was pulling weeds and look, LOOK what I found.  One of my Juliette tomatoes had babies!  Yeah!  I'm not much on small tomatoes, i.e. cherry, but these Juliette tomatoes are quite yummy, and prolific.   

Well, on to my week.  It will be a week of trying to get all done at the office and Friday payroll.  Stock up in the refrigerator and freezer.  I may try to get some casseroles in the freezer so The Hubby can feed me.  Hopefully he doesn't feed me too much BBQ, his go to pick up food.  

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Linda Kay said...

Jill, I"ll be thinking of you for your surgery. Hope all goes well and you get good food in your recovery.