Thursday, June 12, 2014

Painting Days

This week I started another painting for a friend.  It's a commission and I am happy to do it.  This is sweet Arnie.  He, unfortunately is not long for this world.  He's probably 15-17 years old and has seizures, diabetes, etc.  Poor thing just lays around but he has had the best life, that is after the kind people, Pat and Bill took him in after being dumped.  What a sweet boy.
Anyway, Bill is gone now too and with the impending loss of Arnie, Pat asked me to paint him, which I started this week. 
This is just blocked in and I have to carve it down a bit, make it more Arnie, but all in good time.

Of course, I have to through in a snapshot of little Miss Rio.  What a dumpling.  She's taking to hugging my neck and calling this granny, GG.  I'm hoping that does not stay as I really don't like GG.  I know several friends that are called that, several.  Love this little angel.

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Anonymous said...

such a beautiful portrait to remember a lovely dog! Beautiful little girl!