Sunday, June 29, 2014


I CAN NOT believe I totally missed celebrating yesterday with everyone.  Yesterday was my BLOGIVERSARY.  Yes June 28, 2006 I began this blogging journey right here.  I know I've been kind of silent here lately and that could be why I did not observe such and important event in my life...NOT!  Actually, I have been too busy and plus I can't seem to find words.

Let's just have a mash-up of thoughts here...ready, set, GO!

I bought this sweet tent for Rio for the office daycare area.  She LOVES it and spends a lot of time looking at her books and playing inside all day long.  My girls had bed tents and they were little, their favorite things.

This week was also FULL of painting, painting, painting.  This is my dear friend Linda.  She is an incredible artist and has hooked me up with some awesome art workshops and people.  I love that she sits next to me every week, encouraging me and guiding me.   

I finished this little jewel up to donate to DVIS for their new building sometime next year.  I may work a bit more on the baby.  It looks better closeup but the baby still has a bit of a worried look on it's face.  Need to get more of smile on it. 

I also participated Thursday and Friday in yet another workshop with Derek Penix.  Oh my goodness, by Friday morning I was nearly in tears being so frustrated in what he was trying to get across and I COULD NOT SEE.  I struggled and struggled trying to get my painting to work.
"Don't care if others love what you paint. Paint because you love to paint." Derek Penix
(I covet his easel)
He makes it look so easy.  Just a swipe here, a swipe there.  Step back more swiping and voila there's a painting... 
So beautiful.  I really love what he did, but I still struggle.  

After watching his demo of the shack on the water we got to do something on our own.  I chose this sunflower.  Let me tell you that by the end of the 2 days the darn thing was basically a Derek Penix painting.  He took over and swipe and swooshed and made a great painting.  This is not finished by any means but I can not in good consciousness put my name to this thing.  I will keep it forever without a signature (maybe he will sign it for me!)  

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