Saturday, June 07, 2014

Birthday Girl

I've been rather silent here lately, yet again but I am here and doing quite well.  Life is just rolling along, as well it should be.  Wednesday, June 4, I turned another year older, 58 to be exact.  Ever closer to that 60 number.  I'm not too sure how I really feel about that.  It was a quiet day and the next day I spent at the spa for an entire day of massage, facial and reflexology!  I was like a wet noodle by the time I was done!  Seems like it's the same old grind day in and day out.  Work, paint, sleep, eat, work, paint, sleep, know what I mean.  This week will be a bit different with more painting.  I am doing another workshop and in two weeks will have another one.  I'm painting the whole day on Tuesday's now, in class, and that makes me very happy, yet I realized that this week I have that stupid GYN appointment that had to be rescheduled via the doctors schedule.  It happens to be smack dab in the middle of my art class day.  RATS!  Oh well, I will just paint till 5 instead of 3 that day.  

Last night The Hubby and I went to a wedding.  The wedding was the son of our right hand guy.  We've known Sean at least 25 years of his 29 as that is how long Ben has worked for us.  It was beautiful.  In fact, when we were watching Ben and Sean walk down the aisle together I noticed a small microphone on Ben's head and The Hubby turned to me and said Ben was going to marry them.  WHAT!  I had no idea.  He said that Ben had been working on it for a year, got ordained to do it and wrote the whole thing.  OMG!  I was stunned.  I see Ben nearly every day and he never said a word.  It was just lovely.  He did a wonderful job and it brought tears to my eyes to hear his words about his son.  Lovely, just lovely.  

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Anonymous said...

oh my, how beautiful is that, such a precious gift of love,
Happy birthday, a little late, I turned 58 yesterday!