Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sing Out Loud

A quick post because I'm still bit tipsy this morning and had such an awesome time last night I don't want to forget it.  

We were in attendance at The Wigwam (our cabinites gathering place) at a pig roast and karaoke party last night.  The pig thing was okay and let me tell you I DID NOT like seeing the face of said pig laying on the platter, but it was yummy.  A friend, a cabinite person had won the party at a charity auction and had to share the fun.  The food was scrumptious and plenty and then the karaoke machine began.  

Here comes confession time.  

I started drinking champagne (and finished the whole bottle myself) to try to find a bit of courage because I WANTED to get up and sing.  I've been faced throughout my lifetime with opportunities to sing in public but have half scared out of my mind.  In fact, I was supposed to sing a solo in the church choir many years ago for a Christmas program and had practiced and practiced (that was scary in itself).  Well, the week of I came down with pneumonia and could not sing.  I think I actually made myself sick so I didn't have to sing. Another example was in high school when I got all the courage I could muster to try out for what we called our high school talent show, Pow Wow.  I tried out and I nearly passed out from the fear and shaking I was doing.  I found out that I actually made it but the fear was so great that I never showed up for practices. 

Well, last night I was ready to sing in front of my peers.  I think The Hubby went around to one of the karaoke guys because he came up to me and said he could tell I could sing and encouraged me to sing.  My first song was Ain't No Mountain High Enough and so it came on over the speakers and I found myself jumping up and getting in front of the microphone.  I was quickly joined by some of  my lady friends to sing back up (thank you).   If you know the song it is a lot more talking than anything which I think helped.  I took the opportunity to make sure to look out in the audience and make eye contact even thought it was terrifying to look into a familiar face.  I was trying to find The Hubby's face for comfort but couldn't.  I think I saw him at the side taking video...we'll see.  I sang loud and hopefully on key and it was a BLAST!

When done everyone came up to me to tell me I could really sing that I was great.  The Hubby told me he was proud of me and that I did an awesome job.  I have been flying high ever since I can tell you.  

My next song was Band of Gold and that one I really got to sing.  I can not tell you what a thrill it was and I so had fun.  I wasn't sure I was on tune because I could NOT hear myself but I tried and I know it was a success.  

Hey, I think I have done a bucket list thing for me.  Sing in front of my peers without fear, or at least not as much fear.

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