Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Messy vs Neat

They call me "Messy Marvin"
 (my closet)

They call him "Neat Nick"
(his closet)

Opposites attract!


Afton.Hefley said...

It's not really fair though, is it?
Men have less options than women do.
Nick's closet "seems" more neat than mine because what do men wear?
Shirts and pants.
That's it….but he hasn't had to put in the thought power to make it functional and to maximize the space.
Skirts, blouses, dresses, slips, panty hose, leggings, camisoles, slacks, sweaters, bras, heeled shoes that don't fit in those "super convenient door hanging things", hats, belts, SCARVES, jewelry, etc, etc, etc….

He has trouble deciding where to keep his shoe horn and cufflinks.

Kay said...

It's always good to have one neat person. Luckily, Art is not tooooo bad, but sometimes I do have to 'remind' him.

Beryl said...

Nice closets - even the messy one!