Saturday, February 08, 2014

"Alan Harper" Invades My Dreams

Get your imagination caps on all.  

I have been watching some online art classes on Craftsy and one of the classes I started last night was a color mixing class.  This morning The Hubby got up about 6 am to feed Clayton and I stayed in bed to catch some extra z's.  The Hubby has a very bad habit, mainly because HE CAN'T HEAR, to turn up the television.  So I was sleeping away and dreaming, dreaming about going to a color mixing class.  It was a big deal in my dream and I was running late trying to get all my stuff together when all of a sudden a door opens and Alan Harper aka Jon Cryer jumps in the room.  Hi is proud of himself and smiling that toothy smile he has.  He is completely covered with tool belts of every kind, from head to toe, that are full of huge tubes of paint and paint brushes.  He was going to the color mixing class with me.  I'm not sure if it was a bad dream but I suddenly woke up and realized that the reason that Alan Harper aka Jon Cryer was in my dreams was because the television was loud, very loud and The Hubby was watching the DVR list of recorded show, Two and a Half Men!

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Kay said...

You're getting much better dreams that I am. Art has had to wake me from nightmares lately. I guess it must be from the anxiety I'm been experiencing.