Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I had planned on this being a Wordless Wednesday but it turned into a Wordy Wednesday for me and it is not even 9 am.  

And the tale goes like this:

I groggily climbed out of bed a five this morning after spending the evening trying to finish a book on my Kindle that I just couldn't put down, all the while watching (sound off) the OKC Thunder lose yet another game.  Finally, the eyes were getting bleary and and overworked so I shut the Kindle off, rolled over to drift off to sleep to Two and a Half Men at the late hour of 11:30 or so.  Let me tell you I could hardly open my eyes and they did not want to focus but off to workout I went.  

I told Wade I had to get home about 15 minutes early to pick up the house a bit before the cleaning ladies came and have my shower.  While loading the dishwasher and putting pot holders in the drawer I spied this little lady at the bottom of the drawer, peeking her little bonneted head out.  Wow, I haven't seen her in a while...Holly Hobby.  Remember her?  This potholder was part of one of our wedding gifts, 37 years ago.  I thought it would be a great Wordless Wednesday, but I was so wrong.

Yesterday the demolition crew was supposed to show up and start the tear out of the old back porch but the only crew that showed up was a guy to deliver a dumpster in front of the house to go along with the orange port-a-potty that has not seen a worker open its door in two weeks.  
They started today though and the first thing that happened was as I stepped out of the shower I heard lots of clanging and banging and power tools and then a huge CRASH of something falling and glass banging around in the living room/kitchen.  I hurriedly threw clothes and shoes on, in case of broken glass, all the while remembering the fiasco of the bathroom demo when the nails broke through the guest bedroom ruining a wall.  What I found was the picture in the kitchen that was over the sink had fallen and knocked over a small glass, unbroken vase. 

Then I thought of the shelf in the living room that has some of The Hubby's collectibles.  I rushed to find my step ladder and started taking down some of his stuff.  See it over the doorway there.  Let me tell you I almost needed another shower.  WHEW.  

Finally, I was able to go back to finish the dressing part of my day.  Make up on, hair blow dried, and ready to make my nutrition shake for the morning.  (Oh, I had to look a bit better than usual because I was to have lunch with my bestie and later dinner with my other bestie.)  I found on one of the new blogs I follow called Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams, a fabulous green smootie for weight loss that included spinach.  I started my smootie and it took forever to get it whirred up.  All ready and very green I tried to pour it in my glass and look what happened.  The darned bottom broke out. 
What a mess...

Luckily I had another blender under the cabinet, a hundred years old, but another blender.  It did the job the second time around but the motor was a bit smelly.  Today I'm on the hunt for either a blender or juicer.  

Oh, and on the garden note...danged critter, not sure whether it is a rabbit or squirrel ATE one of my red tomatoes!


Sweet Tea said...

Whoa! You're off to a rocky start.
Hope the day gets better as you go along!

Leslie said...

So do you use frozen spinach or the baby spinach leafs? I asked Veronika but didn't hear back from her. I want to make it but need to buy the ingredients. Thank you!

Jill of All Trades said...

Fresh spinach Leslie

Leslie said...

Thank you!!

Leslie said...

Thank you!!

Beryl said...

All this sounds familiar, but never in just one day! What book was it that you couldn't put down? Being retired makes it so much easier to keep reading all night. Before they went to OKC, the Thunders were in Seattle, and my husband can't believe his luck that they are in Oklahoma like we are, now. But he agreed that last night's game was a little disappointing.