Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1 - Back to Health

Today is day one of the colon cleanse.  I could have started yesterday, Monday, but I had a girlfriend birthday party to go to and I didn't want to sit out of the champagne and fun, so today is the day.  I got up this morning and instead of a protein bar as my usual thing I had a pear and my coffee, black.  Wade put my arms and shoulders through the ringer and I thought I might "DIE"!  Not really but I was really, really hungry and a bit light headed when I got home and a bit worried.  It was fine after a bottle of water and my first shake.  I did frozen blueberries and a bit of pineapple for some sweetness, the shake mix (nutrition), and ice cubes.  Not bad, not sweet but hey, I managed it just fine.  Before I even started though my tummy was doing some somersaults for some reason this morning and I have not been far from a ladies room.  I do that though and it's probably because I have been eating a lot more fresh veggies the past few days anyway.  Another shake for lunch and some veggies and I will be good.  I'm thinking about purchasing a juicer so I can do some carrots but not sure I want to invest if this is a short term thing.  I do have a challenge this weekend, Sunday.  My cousins that Daddy stayed with in Arizona a couple of years ago are here for the weekend and my aunt (Daddy's sis) is having a BBQ!  EEK!  Luckily I had planned on having my shake and taking veggies to munch but then she asked if I would bring a veggie tray!  Works perfectly for me.  That will be my 6th day of the shakes and stuff and then I will add the brown rice, legumes, chicken, fish and lean meats.  I can do this thing, I can do it!


Winnie said...

Have you done this before? I have heard of these cleanses, but never have done one. Do you feel better afterwards?

Jill of All Trades said...

I've never done it before Winnie so we'll see. You are supposed to feel better!